Teen Diabetes Tracker

Let your phone keep track of your blood glucose so you can get back to your schoolwork.

Teens today are busy - their schoolwork is demanding, they are involved in more sports and extra curricular activities, and social media keeps them constantly connected to their friends. An estimated 70% of teenagers have smartphones and 23% of teenagers have diabetes or prediabetes. Teen Diabetes Tracker was created for the teenagers in both of those groups as an easy-to-use reading recorder app.

Teen Diabetes Tracker is an iPhone app with a simple method to record and track blood glucose readings. After the reading time in relation to a meal is also chosen, the reading is saved and if connected to Walgreens, submits the reading for points. Every day before an expected meal time and bedtime, the app pushes a reminder for the user to record their reading.

Integrated Balance Rewards Activities: Blood Glucose

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