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over 6 years ago

Powering through the last few steps

Happy Monday Participants!

The Walgreens API team just wanted to send out another announcement as we are getting closer and closer to the end of the challenge! 

So far we have an amazing 100+ participants with a majority of in the testing/integrating steps we are very excited for the judging that we will be doing at the end of this month. 

We do want to reiterate a few, key points: 

  • In order to successfully complete testing with us, we will need to setup a unique redirect_uri from your integration to our test environment
  • Your app will need to complete the validation process with our QA team in our test environment. Don’t worry, we are super fast in testing & providing feedback.
  • Your app must be live in the AppStore(s)/Web in order to be considered for the prize
  • You will officially submit your challenge entry with all applicable entry information at
  • If you need any help along the way from any of the steps below please contact us

So, get hurry up and power through those last steps! We are very excited to see the amazing ideas you come up with!

Happy Hacking!

The Walgreens API team