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over 6 years ago

Deadline Extension & Rules Update!

Hello Challenge Participants,

The Walgreens API team has some great news to share with you that we hope will help out your ability to complete your app challenge submission.

#1 App Store Submission Requirement

We will know allow your application to be eligible for our challenge prizes if it is submitted to, or publicly available in, the USA version of an app store (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Marketplace) or at an accessible web domain by the end of the contest submission deadline. This will now ensure that app challenge participants are not penalized if their application has been submitted to an app store, but is not yet approved.


#2 Challenge Submission Deadline

In regards to the submission deadline, we are extending it 2 more days to give you extra time over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to complete your project. The new deadline is 11:59 PM CST on Sunday November 30, 2014.


To stress our prior communications regarding the steps to “go-live”, they are: 

  • In order to successfully complete testing with us, you must fill out the Balance Rewards Challenge Checklist.
  • Your app will need to complete the validation process with our QA team in our test environment. Don’t worry, we are super fast in testing & providing feedback.
  • Your app must be submitted to, or publicly available in, the USA version of an app store or at an accessible web domain in order to be considered for the prizes.
  • You will officially submit your challenge entry with all applicable entry information at


If you need any help along the way. please feel free to contact us.


Be Well,

The Walgreens API Team